Our mentorships are designed to fast track your business skills and your business, professionalising your business for the next level focusing on profit and growth.


  1. Design your own business
  1. Grow your own business
  1. Protect your own business
  1. Motivate, delegate and communicate
  1. Work “on”, rather than “in” your business
  1. Create free time for planning and strategy
  1. Enhance personal development
  1. Create passive income and have financial security 

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Why Do You Need This Training?

Our mentorships are for those who have chosen a life as a business owner. By the end of the year-long mentorship you will have the skills to design, grow and protect your business. You will be a very proficient business person and understand how you can work ‘on’ your business, rather than ‘in’ your business, freeing up your time for strategy rather than being swamped by operations.

Also, how to plan yourself out of the business altogether, creating a passive income and giving you the freedom and financial security you deserve to spend time with loved ones.

There is no specific structure to the mentorship as every person’s and companies’ situation are different. I do have a vast amount of content to teach you, but initially the meeting will be about ‘you’, bringing me up to speed with your business, in great detail.

Then, as we get to know each other and I understand your business, we can develop a plan to prepare for growth, redefining goals, formalising structures, job roles, systems and processes. With one eye at all times on your personal development, profit, growth and people in the organisation.

As I say, the content is vast, far too much to include here. But suffice to say that I have over 30 years business experience, 20 of that also in part-time formal and self-education, and my skills will be passed on to you.

However, to summarize the content; I will teach you to design, grow and protect your business; and those skills cannot be taught over-night, hence the year-long mentorship.

Whilst teaching you hard skills, I will seize opportunities as they arise to help you with personal development, which underpins everything you do as business owner (and a person). Some of these skills involve a deep understanding of human psychology and biology, such as motivation, delegation, communication, responsibility and values.

These skill-sets will set you apart and empower you to become a wise and respected entrepreneur.

You will also learn how to deal with stress. I know only too well that entrepreneurs are in the front line for worry, stress and anxiety, it comes with responsibility. You need to know how to identify the signs in you and your team and how to keep stress under control.

If you are thinking of getting into property any time soon, which I advise all my mentees to do, I can definitely help you with that, as I have bought over 50 properties, commercial and residential.

How the mentorship is delivered

12 full days face to face meetings, at a place of your choice
1 two-hour meeting each with my Managing Director, Accountant and Property expert, who work in my businesses
Free entry to any business or property course we run throughout the year.

Speakers Bio

Ray Spooner

Ray Spooner is an entrepreneur and Chairmen of the Carmelcrest Group of companies operating in construction and property. Ray became Managing Director at the age of 28 and built a substantial construction business, which now employs over 50 people operating from two offices in London and Cambridge.

Ray is a dedicated life-long-learner and personal development geek. He is Chartered Builder (MCIOB), Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) and an NLP master practitioner. His Masters dissertation was about family-run businesses, which has come in very useful, as following many years of mentoring, Ray’s 5 sons now run the companies.

He has a great interest in Human Psychology and Biology and how this knowledge can empower business owners to better help and motivate their team.

Ray is author of 50 Skills – The Entrepreneurs Handbook. A book of 50 key skills Ray has learned in his 30 years plus in business. His current book – The Property Investors Guide to Working with Builders, will be available later this year.

Ray has a passion for helping others achieve and gives his time freely to help younger entrepreneurs. This has turned into his latest venture, Carmelcrest Education, established to teach small business owners the real-life business skills he has used to build his own successful businesses.

For further information or to arrange a 15-minute call with Ray please email: education@carmelcrest.co.uk  

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