A major problem Entrepreneurs have is a lack of financial knowledge. That is why most fail in the first couple of years. The problem is exasperated by a lack of training; where do you go?
Your accountant won’t be too interested in training you and accountancy courses are far too generic, aimed at bookkeepers and accountants. 

Where then? The truth is that type of training doesn’t exist, until now…


  1. Read and interpret a Profit and Loss account.
  1. Read and interpret a Balance Sheet.
  1. Understand cash-flow.
  1. Understand gross and net profit.
  1. Understand overheads and how to control them.
  1. Interpret a cash flow forecast.
  1. Prepare and use a budget.
  1. Have an awareness of stock and work in progress.
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Why Do You Need This Training?

When I took over my dad’s firm age 28 I didn’t have much of an idea of business finances, nor did my dad. The one thing I remember is the yearly trip to the accountants to go through the year-end accounts; last years accounts!

This meant nothing at first, but then I began to ask questions like, “dad, why are we sitting there talking about something that happened eight months ago”? He said, “that’s the way it’s done”. Correction, it isn’t!

As a business owner, you MUST know EXACTLY where you are financially every day, week, month and year. It is IMPOSSIBLE to run a business any other way. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years, so trust me I know.

Quite simply if you do not understand what I’m going to list below in a moment, you have no chance of succeeding in business.

And there are other reasons you need to understand the financials. Banks. A bank is interested in two things:
Firstly, are they going to get their money back? Secondly, do you, the business owner understand the financials? If the answer to either is no, the likelihood of you getting borrowing is very slim indeed. Where small businesses are concerned, how much the business is on top of finances is a major consideration in the banks lending criteria.

It is also essential that you understand financial terminology. Why? So you can have a sensible conversation with your accountant. Also, most importantly, that you have the knowledge to manage your bookkeeper. If not you are wide open to theft and all sorts of mistreatment.

By the End of the Weekend You Will Know:

Read and interpret a profit and loss account (P&L) What are its constituent parts and how you can use it to identify weak and strong areas in your business performance, for that financial period.
Read and interpret a balance Sheet. What are its constituent parts and how you can use it to identify weak and strong areas in your business, since its inception.
Read and interpret a cash flow forecast. How this can be used as a financial early warning system giving you time to take remedial action.
Prepare and use a budget. Essential. Without a budget, you are flying in the dark.
Turnover is vanity. Profit is sanity... CASH IS REALITY. Learn the benefits of a great credit controller and how cash flow can put you under quickly must be understood.
An understanding of the balance between gross profit, overheads and net profit is essential.
Overheads have legs, how do we stop them running away? They will if not controlled.
Read and interpret a balance Sheet. What are its constituent parts and how you can use it to identify weak and strong areas in your business, since its inception.

Special Note: This course is not taught by an accountant. We are practical people, long-term business owners. We will teach you only what you need to know and go as detailed as we need to. The great thing is that the course is appropriate for all businesses, as double entry bookkeeping and accounts presentation to Companies House are a universal language.

Speakers Bio

Ray Spooner

Ray Spooner is an entrepreneur and Chairmen of the Carmelcrest Group of companies operating in construction and property. Ray became Managing Director at the age of 28 and built a substantial construction business, which now employs over 50 people operating from two offices in London and Cambridge.

Ray is a dedicated life-long-learner and personal development geek. He is Chartered Builder (MCIOB), Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) and an NLP master practitioner. His Masters dissertation was about family-run businesses, which has come in very useful, as following many years of mentoring, Ray’s 5 sons now run the companies.

He has a great interest in Human Psychology and Biology and how this knowledge can empower business owners to better help and motivate their team.

Ray is author of 50 Skills – The Entrepreneurs Handbook. A book of 50 key skills Ray has learned in his 30 years plus in business. His current book – The Property Investors Guide to Working with Builders, will be available later this year.

Ray has a passion for helping others achieve and gives his time freely to help younger entrepreneurs. This has turned into his latest venture, Carmelcrest Education, established to teach small business owners the real-life business skills he has used to build his own successful businesses.

Ray can be reached through his assistant at steffan@carmelcrest.co.uk

Luke Spooner

A young entrepreneur. At the age of 21 he bought his first buy to let property. Now age 22 he is on track to buy number 2. His financial freedom age is planned to be 28 years of age.

Luke is actively pursuing membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and is just completing his Level 4 Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

Luke heads the accounts team at Carmelcrest Construction where he manages two bookkeepers. He is heavily involved in the financial side of the property business Carmelcrest Homes and is the go-to man for working out the figures on the various deals.

Luke has been featured in the UK Landlord Magazine (backed by the National Landlords Association) and YPN Magazine (Your Property Network) as a young Landlord.

Luke is a life-long learner with an interest in economics and global finances.

He is a keen mountain biker and can be seen making regular visits to the Lake District to enjoy his sport.

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